Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Motion picture

It was like a movie last week man...
I Know it's like general knowledge that Namibia's a small country, but damn!!! come on you cant justify that by robbing a "pool bar" at ten in the morning in Independence avenue and expect to get away with it. This aint Hollywood. even if you got connections on the inside, who the hell robs a bar with a German pistols..come on man,Robert Deniro didn't use that piss of crap in that movie "HEAT" he used machine guns man...step your game up!! And he also didn't get away with it. These dudes never get away with it, contrary to what they saw in that south African movie "Jerusalema" that doesn't happen in real life. It's entertainment. And now these dudes just became the entertainment, and whenever they get to court they will always be remembered as "April babies, cause they fools"
what pisses me off is that these guys are trying to rob people out of their hard earned cash while we civil servants have to struggle through life and debt every single day. i'm glad they got shot. YEAH i said is not a motion picture, just follow the link above and see how the robbery went down..

Termanology - watch how it go down
Termanology - motion picture (left click)

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