Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mr. cab driver..

I don't know what makes Windhoek taxi drivers think we are supposed to take any crap from them every time get in a cab. I swear they get more arrogant each and everyday. If i pay double cab-fare then it's quiet obvious that I'm supposed to get where I'm going pronto, not going through a safari around the city while he continues to honk at more people in hopes of getting more passengers...even forrest gump can fugure that one's not rocket science for crying out loud.You try to argue with the guy, it's pointless he's just gonna ruin your day, and you cant get out of the cab, it wouldn't make any sense. you are already half way around the city.
I'm tired of this, I'm putting my foot down..Well i guess it's motivation for me to get a car!!! and put these ingrates out of business.

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