Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I totally overlooked this movie..just based on the fact that it's a sequel, i was a bit skeptical..it's like Picasso trying to redo the Da vinchi's monalisa..well you get the picture..
But all in all i enjoyed the dialogue it was just damn funny..when it comes to dialogue it's always either Kevin smith, or Tarantino(my favorite writer/directors) who always find a way to put pop culture into their movies and make it funny and spontaneous at the same time...here are a couple of quotes from the film..

Elias: [mumbling] "One Ring to rule them all."

Hobbit Lover: "One Ring to find them."

Randal Graves: Oh, Jesus.

Elias: [pulls a Ring necklace out of his shirt] "One Ring to bring them all."

Hobbit Lover: [pulls a Ring out of his pocket, in a dramatic voice] "And in the darkness, bind them!"

Elias: How many times?

Hobbit Lover: Well, um, three for "Fellowship," two for "Towers," four for "Return."

Elias: Five for "Return"!

Hobbit Lover: Dude!

Randal Graves: That look was so gay. I thought Sam was gonna tell the little hobbits to take a walk so he could saunter over to Frodo and suck his fucking cock. Now *that* would have been an Academy Award worthy ending.

Hobbit Lover: Hey faggot, they're not gay! They're hobbits!

Randal Graves: And then, right after the Sam/Frodo suckfest, right before the credits roll, Sam fucking flat out bricks in Frodo's mouth.

Randal Graves: All right, look, there's only one "Return," okay, and it ain't "of the King," it's "of the Jedi."

Hobbit Lover: Oh, Star Wars geek.

Randal Graves: Oh, I'm the geek? Look at you two whipping out your preciouses.

Elias: You'll have to excuse him, he's not "down" with the trilogy.

Randal Graves: Oh, what the fuck happened to this world? There's only one trilogy, you fucking morons.

Hobbit Lover: You know what, maybe we should start calling your friend Padme, because he loves Manakin Skywalker so much, right?
[in robot voice]

Hobbit Lover: Danger danger, my name is Anakin. My shitty acting is ruining saga.
Elias: [chucking] Yea-Yeah, you're crazy, Jar-Jar.

Randal Graves: Oh, I'm crazy? Those fuckin' hobbit movies were boring as hell. All it was, was a bunch of people walking, three movies of people walking to a fucking volcano.

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