Thursday, April 16, 2009


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My country's becoming a place infested by leeches...metaphorically speaking of course. I'm talking about these people who don't want to strive for what they want and just expect to get stuff on a silver platter.
We have so-called kids of war veterans picketing outside the ministry of war veterans offices demanding money and work.
Am i the only one who thinks this is just a bunch of bullshit? I mean seriously, come what if you are a kid of a war veteran? that doesn't mean your black ass was on them front lines a couple of decades ago does it. I got uncles and cousins who fought for this country, but you don't see me running around making bullshit demands. I'm not from a rich family damn it, but i did what i had to do to get where i wanted in life(and I'm not talking about crime here)..and for some idiot to try and pull that whole "veteran" stunt to get shit right now? that's not gonna fly. That's another dollar coming out of a taxpayer's money. A taxpayer's gonna be waking up every morning stressing about bills and going to work, while a chunk of his money goes to some slacker who never looked for work or went to school, that aint fair man. i know life aint fair but damn..this is where i put my foot down.

Come on, these are a bunch of lazy people expecting to get things the easy way. and adding insult to injury, the government comes up with questionable ministries (like the ministry of veteran affairs)it should have been only a department within the ministry of defense, not making it an entire ministry. Then there's the ministry of presidential affairs..what!!! let me pipe down before i get an aneurysm...

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