Friday, May 22, 2009

I do it for hip-hop..

Whoever came up with internet explorer 7 should be shot. It irritates the shit out of me, i had to download a bug fix to sort out the filter problem. if i had it my way i would have switched back to IE that i've explained the reason behind my absentia, it's time to move on.

I cant imagine a world without hip-hop. i not talking about soulja boy, but real hip-hop. I remember when i first got the 2pac tape (me against the world) i was so excited, if an orgasm had another meaning that should have been it for me. Reciting them lyrics and making was a beautiful thing!! so for me to hear a song that gives homage to rap, and on top of that three of your favorite rappers dropping "nice" sixteens to a beat that aint begging your attention.

Ludacris ft. Nas & Jay Z - I do it for hip-hop

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