Friday, May 29, 2009

what a job..

Someone gets fired, and another one gets suspended. The reason? talking crap about their bosses on facebook. A day in the life in the 21st century. This happened in south africa a couple of days back. you dont see that everyday.
Now i dont quiet think these guys are working for the same company, but i found myself chuckling when i read that the one who got fired called his boss a serial masturbator or something like that..
If there's one thing i've learned about this whole internet thing is that everybody's watching and you cant vent in an open forum like that while you dont know who's reading what you are talking about, especially on facebook, come on!!
I do admit though that a lot of people got issues with their bosses for obvious reasons (low pay-check, unhygienic work environment,lack of motivation), and it really pisses you off when you know you are doing all the work while some "suit" just barks orders at you while he gets fat like a pig.

This is when i usually recommend watching officespace. i guarantee you that you'll feel better the next day you get to work. Because it's a movie about blue collar workers frustrated with their jobs and boss

Devin the dude ft. Snoop dogg and andre 3000 - what a job

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