Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yolanda's house..

Story telling has never been this fun, since the slick rick days. Ghost face always knows how to bring the story to life with his vivid imagination. Once i listened to this song i was laughing all the way through to the end and method man just adds to that laughter when he comes in with the second verse. And Raekwon finishes off with a decent third verse..the song's like a Friday-type-comedy-movie..only decent and well documented in just about three minutes one of my favorite songs off of "Big Doe rehab" by Ghostface Killah..

Starring: Ghostface
Method man

The story starts from a narrative in the present as he continues to tell a story about how he escaped a drug bust from the police. It later turns out that he is actually telling the story to the girl “Yolanda” as he’s currently at yolanda’s house. And with this story she got so excited that that one thing led to another. And ghostface is about to have sex with her asking where the condoms are and, that’s when he heard the cops coming and ran upstairs he hid behind the wall before opening a door to a room upstairs only to find Method Man having raw sex jumping in panic with genitals hanging out, while ghostface jumped in the closet, laughing at method man with method frowning on ghost to be quiet. Then method man continues to condemn ghostface’s actions telling him he was supposed to knock before getting in saying that his girl’s got asma and that’s when method man gets cut off by his telephone ringing and it’s raekwon on the other end……
enough spoilers listen to the song…

Ghostface ft. Method Man & Raekwon – Yolanda’s house

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