Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sex on fire..

Sex is probably the best incetive one can actually have the opportunity to enjoy when during the whole man/woman thing. It's hard to actually get girls that can tell you they wanna have consesual casual sex with you with no strings attached without alcahol indirectly being involved in the whole situation.
Since the time it's been suggested that sex is healthy, dude's have found new ways to come up with pick up lines attributed to that statement and, we continue to get away with it continously..
It (sex) is the only thing done by humans, and dolphins for fun (apparently).
And since winter's just begun over here..it's literally mating season right now na na!!!! everybody's in heat,if my assumption serves me right, there's bound to be a baby boom in the near future (nine months from now to be exact)..and telling from the drunk/heavily under the influence people i see hooking up after clubbing, no offense, but i can honestly say these are gonna be some stupid babies...reminds of of the movies - Hills have eyes & Wrong turn..

Kings of leon - sex on fire

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