Friday, June 27, 2008

Aerials In The Sky

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It seems the cold is really fading now bit by bit by the day. It aint as cold as it was last month. And that means spring is around the corner. Its funny how people are never happy with whatever weather is current. Its always either "too cold" or "too windy" and what have you. we are never happy.

"Sky Galavanting"

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There's speculation that an american spy plane is making the rounds on the borders of botswana near the namibian side, specifically around the areas of kavango delta.
I mean isnt that a security risk? would you be happy if a peeping tom was living next to you and saw you jerkin' off through his binoculars.. it wouldnt be a pretty sight. If we did the same to these dudes then we would be considered terrorists and shit like that..what the fuck?

I cant believe that stubbon dude from pyongyang (kim jong il) is actually willingly trying to disarm. the world is coming to an end man...unbelievable!!

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