Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Do it Big..

Man its wednesday already..[*sigh] i gotta admit the year is moving too fast. cant believe my nephews (i call 'em my kids) are about to finish school is graduatin' the other with high-school got me feelin like an old man up in here!! these dudes are trendsetters proud!!! doin it big!!

pic is good_feeling by karil @

Ice Water - Do it Big ft Busta Rhymes

"on the other side of things......"

On the other side of things (In Zimbabwe) its been fucked up to see what that cat mugabe is doing..making a grown man (Tsvangirai) flee to the dutch embassy like that, fearing for his life and shit, thats messed up. I'm starting to think lose hope on africa , cause all these "diplomat" cats are doing is just visiting the country (mbeki in particular) and talking parables about the situation. Its obvious that if the election run-off goes on, Tsvangirai aint gonna continue with them rallies...Its not long ago that he was under similar circumstances. Ihope this furor fades away quick, cause everybody is eyeing on the AU to prove that the west aint the only ones who can solve this type off political ills. Like edwin star said in that song featuring in the rush hour movies "war, what is it really good for absolutely nothing.."

if cats are still skeptical about war, listen to war's effects in this attention to the second will stop breathin'

From Top : R.A The Rugged Man and Jedi mind tricks

Jedi Mind Tricks - uncommon valor (a vietnam Story) ft R.A The Rugged Man

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