Friday, June 13, 2008

My World Is Blu......

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Man's its been cold like a mutha lately and i just miss summer, i feel like delivering a freestyle to summer like jay-z did with that track "dear summer" but i can seem to get in the zone so until gonna be listenin' to Blu & Exile - Below the heavens to give me that summer easy feel vibe.

Now if you dont own this,or havent heard of any of the material then you should get your head examined cause this is just some "on another level tip" shit its in the vibe of "slum village meets the pharcyde. This dude just 25 years old. the beats are done by Exile

More info on the cat

There's also a mixtape (soul amazing) of songs that didnt make the album google it


Blu & Exile
Narrow Path
Pearly Gates (remix)

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