Monday, June 16, 2008

best things in life are free...Apparently!!

"never thought i'd live to see 25, shit i'm grown now" this was just a lyrics to me when i heard it on scarface's latest effort "made" on the track "never" but now it seems it relates to me cause a brother just turned 25 and damn i feel the jitters man...fives years away from the big 3-0!!!

so i decided to put up links to david guetta hits
check them out tight shit

david guetta - Stay
david guetta - Baby when the light

tupac pic by *karinachavez

of course its also my big brother (2 pac's birthday) so i'm gonna post up a throwback track on the link "i get around"
extention is .doc you need to turn it to mp3 for it to play if that dont work turn it to RAR and extract it.
2pac - i get around

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