Monday, June 16, 2008

Father & Son

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Pic From
I'm not a father my self, and its a pity my dad's not around for this occasion(yesterday) (he kicked the bucket before i was born). so i would like to say happy father's day to all the fathers who work hard and provide for their kids..cause this world is so cold(literally & metaphorically) so kudos to all the dads around the world this one's to you /*lifts a shot of tequila and seeps*/

I thought this track goes well with the occasion, even though james blunt sounds rather cocky if you pay attention to the lyrics. he is talking about himself,how he's one of the lucky ones or how his story will be told or how he will be one of the brightest stars... it just sounds like something a person would say to their thats why it relates to fathers's day..

James blunt - One of the brightest stars

Ronan Keating ft Cat Stevens - father And Son

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