Friday, August 1, 2008

Do your time..

prison food by vampire_zombie @deviant

You gotta love these war criminals, for real! They always attempt to represent themselves and they continually lose all the time. It’s like an ongoing suspense series called “the trials & tribulations of war criminals”. After ever couple of years an eastern country leader is captured and tried at The Hague. And if there were ever any nominations, in the presumed saga, the Emmy award would have gone to that arrogant cat Milosevic for his punchlines in the court, mocking the court and disputing its validity.

But on the real, you can tell where these dudes are coming from. They got no choice; if they are represented by some half assed lawyers then their trials will just be a big charade. Take this dude Radovan Karadzic for instance, this dude had managed to hide for over a decade. Now that’s hell of a long time… I’m quiet sure he did all the soul searching he could get. Because I can’t remember the last time someone got acquitted for war crimes.

Ludacris – Do your time
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