Monday, August 4, 2008

The Things That Hate Us...

Dilated by ~wilwad on deviantART

People cant seem to live without the things that hate them, be it debts, be it haters and what have you…each and every person I know has got either a problem or trying to get one (not deliberately but it just eventually happens). It’s so strange when ever you find a solution to something you end up getting another problem but one thing is for sure one thing can’t exist without the other. Just like theoretically taking into consideration that a doctor can’t exist without the sick, a minister (pastor) can’t exist without sinners; all these entities must exist in order for the other to be whole.
The universe is trying to make fun of us because it’s insecure (don’t ask). Watch the series “Life” and you might figure out that line.

Atmosphere -The Things That Hate Us

Maino -Hi Hater

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