Friday, August 29, 2008

Never Change..

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It really sounds easy when you are just starting out and not yet getting there, success I mean. When you start out you always talk about, you are always going to be close to the slums and you will remain true. I’ve always been curious to this notion, when people talk about “hey I’ll never change I’ll always be the same”. This is just a myth, because in reality, you mature as a person. You have a lot of responsibility when you’ve grown up and become successful. All the ignorance becomes null and void. So yes you will still use your street smarts you’ve learnt from the “hood” and make sure you never go back to that hunger hustle back in the “hood”.
It’s good knowing where you come from and not forgetting, making visits now and then or whatever, but there a difference between “real talk” and distorted hoodness or being “hood” don’t get it twisted I aint hating. There’s a dude out there who’s gotten so fed up with these new rappers claims to have been criminals in the past that he’s starting to expose them one by one (Rick Ross, the boss & recently Plies)o if you are an aspiring rapper, take heed…re-examine your lyrics, you might be living next to a dude who might expose you.

Jay-z - Never Change

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