Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What’s goin on...?

Pic is relationship by is_blind

Its not rocket science. Women (not necessarily all) always tend to think that dudes just be cheating all the time, with all the excuses like, working late, or going out of town for work and all that jazz, but truth is that homeboys just need some space, a dude might sit at the office pretending to be working late scared to go home to mediocre conversations with the significant other. It tends to get old after some time, I mean being in a relationship with a person who just wants to be with you all the time, it just blows man. Period. Can you imagine having meatballs for dinner every night? Hell no!! I got better things to do with my imagination (that means it ain’t possible, for the literally impaired). It’s not a statement to mean a dude has to necessarily bone every girl in sight, but it’s just that good guys deserve a break once in a while. Just space, chill out with the fella’s at certain times. In the end it aint the bed squeaks that will be making noises, but falsetto sounds, from all the pleasure the dude will be giving..

Marsha Ambrosius -What's goin' on? ft. The Game

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