Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Aint hard to find

Time by ~natdatnl on deviantART
since 2008 is gonna be longer by a fraction of a second, it gives you enough time to apologise to all them peeps you feel deserve the apology before the year ends. That's if you can find Superman or The flash to borrow you their power of speed, because a second wont be enough for you to finish your mission considering the fact that you did many wrongs to people this year, and santa's pissed at you and used your chrismas wishlist as a substitute for the depleted stock of toilet paper at the northpole..so goodluck with that because i'm waiting on you suckers that did me wrong to apologise or do sumthin'...i aint hard to find..

2Pac Tribute by ~moeom2002 on deviantART

2pac ft.B-Legit; C-BO; E-40; Richie Rich - Aint hard 2 find

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