Friday, December 12, 2008

Built to last..

pic from garthim
The only thing that always creeps me out besides that evil laugh at the end of that "thriller" song by michael jackson,is the notion that we only got 100 years to live..and i'm guessing i've got 75 years left, give-or-take 55, because you only "live ya life" till the age of 70 tops, old age homes and anything after that doesn't aint alive no more.In the sense that you've lost most of your five senses, the only sense left is sight.seeing your heartbeat through your old-ass sweater your kid bought you.

If it were sorely up to me i'd live forever.Travel around the world, ge this, not in 80 days but in 800 years, just moving around in my zeppelin. sipping on that good stuff i'm not used to buying. Trust me there are infinite things i could do if i lived forever.For instance Mount Everest, Kilimajaro, see the eight wonders of the world, go into the amazon jungle for kicks...aargh! the list is endless. i'm pretty sure i won't be able to do all these things in 55 years man..but i bet if i had another hundered years on me i would be a quadrilionaire in hundred and thriteen years and i'm not talking Yen but dollars. that's serious money right there..
But thats why we are stingy, and protective of what's ours right? because nothing is built to last.

Melee - Built To Last

T.I ft. Rihanna - Live Ya Life

Five For Fighting - 100 years

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