Thursday, December 11, 2008

The suicide note..

The Drugs Don't Work. by ~lorelix04 on deviantART
A dude commits suicide on tv and the media turns it into a circus.Now the whole world is debating on the issue.
I personally think the dude was right to do what he did given the fact that he was terminally ill, he was the one in agony and no one else, so he had the right to do what he wished with his life.This aint no different from all those folks who euthanize their relatives in multiple-year-long comas and what have you, for me thats far worse than this so called "suicide on tv", because while killing someone in a coma you dont know what the person is thinking, maybe deep down he's thinking he'll pull through before you pull that plug, but instead choose for the person, as if you are zues god of gods or something, dont you think that aint fair?
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Scarface - The Suicide note

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