Friday, December 5, 2008

Long arm of the law..

Emergency Ambulance by ~inObrAS on deviantART
I know that 90% of people go around diggin for that gold in their noses when nobody's looking,but what i do not know is why cops are so quick to give u a fine for running a red light when they could be arresting drunken drivers.drunken drivers are the the most murderous things around since the H.I.V virus, Wrecking havoc on roads, especially during this time of the year causing accidents and sh*t!
What the hell is so difficult? they see cars at the club and bars all the time, and obviously all them peeps are not "designated drivers", so what's so hard for pigs *cough* cops to just send out a few of their peeps during the wee hours of the mornin' and arrest a few of them pricks drivin drunk..
But have the nerve to stop a buckled-up dude running a red light at noon, at a place where there aint no traffic, come on dawg! whats up with that?

Looptroop - Long Arm Of The Law..

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