Thursday, August 6, 2009

Album of the week..

Slaughterhouse - Slaughterhouse

Four of my favorite mcs get together to bring that music that we've been missing since the south and the autotune gimmicks flooded the airwaves with ringtone raps and melodies..Now with the death of autotune pronounced, this is the first album i've come accross that brings back that lyricysm that we've missed since the days of 90's rap. These dudes have been on the internet buzz for a minute now. Joell released an LP "Bodega chronicles" and a few mixtapes, Crooked I' s had those Weekly freestyles (check them aout at that became popular even to the naysayers,Joe Budden has released one of my favorite albums of 2009 even though the beefs he's had with rap vets a few months back made me dislike his arrogance..and Royce the 5'9 has released The revival EP, Bar Exam 1 and an album Streethop in the works..Just from saying that alone is enough not to give a review on this great album..even though i've played it like 4 times already..
Slaughterhouse - The one

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