Friday, August 7, 2009

Wild Wild Horses..

Wild Horses by `kuschelirmel on deviantART
Contrary to what you might have heard, being a playa is not eazy ( wait let me finish). Sure it's eazy to chat up a girl, but you will find that 99.5 percent of people mostly succesful with this are "responsibly" drunk dudes at the club. The other 0.5 percent who claim to be players are those who dont drink, cant find girlfriends, retarded or just mere masturbators..true story!!
But lets get back to the real story here..ah yes why is being a playa not eazy? because unless you are donald trump, it's expensive!! you gonna have to buy that girl drinks, or at least wait until those other idiots(who think have a chance with her) buy her drinks and when it's closing time hope to sneak her out and get some.
I mean, where else would you pick up girls who are playas themselves, and if a girl approaches you, that doesnt count..
Then there's those bad girl hunting cold nights when you leave the club alone with losses, diminished funds and a shattered ego..then you have to go home and sleep in the fetal position looking like tiger woods in that muhf***
so don't lie, i know every dude out there feels like cuddlin' on sundays..!!! In the end what you find out is that all these dudes who claim to be in serious relationship are just tired ass old-school players that got tired of chasing wild wild horses and sleeping in that fetal position..

Atmosphere - Wild wild horses

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