Monday, August 10, 2009

If today was your last day..

If today was your last day by ~LunaticThund3r on deviantART
We often seem to take life for granted, and go on worrying
about worthless issues instead of thinking of the more important
things that matter the most.And its only when we have a "near death" experience
or survive a heart attack or stroke that we start to appreceiate life more.

What if some doctor came and told you that you only had a day to live?
What would you do? Here's a few suggestions you might want to consider..

Seeing that you are dying anyway, you might wanna take a couple of
- shots of jaegermeister, to keep you from losing it before your time
- Withdraw every penny from your accounts and go to a strip club or donate it to charity, which is the same thing..what ever works for you.
- Have sex with your girlfriend with some role-playing involved, remember this is
your last day, so you have to make it count, rather die with dignity, than to be
known as the dude who prematurely ejaculated before he died..use viagra if you have to
- Have a last cigarette, unless you goin to hell..there aint no cigarettes in heaven!!
- Re-visit your will, delete those incosiderate relatives from it if you will(no pun intended)
- have some pizza, who wouldnt?
- ask to be buried with an oxygen mask, just in case!!
With that said, good luck..and if that doctor turns out to be a phony,
then consider yourself F***ED!!!

Nickelback - If today was your last day

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