Friday, August 14, 2009

Only Time..

Life is a journey with many detours.Nobody can tell where this road leads, only time..according to the words of enya of course.
Just when you are past problem one, life pulls one another out of its ass,
as if to prove that your previous problem was child's play compared to what you are about to face now..And that's funny thing right there, It seduces you into believing this, while in fact this really aint the scenario. In actuallity, the truth is that you only now see your previous problem to have been easy because you solved it, suppose you never solved the problem this wouldnt be the case.

but, despite all the bullshit in the air you seem to find a way at the end of the day. It's like you adapt to these problems and whenever you dont have any you always expect more to come, It's like the universe is always trying to teach you a never-ending lesson while also making fun of you at the same time..putting you in difficult circumstances while you are trying to figure out solutions to your problems. and in cases like these the strong willed always manage to pull through everytime, but unfortunately not everyone shares the same sence of humor and this ends in suicide..The only thing left to think about in times of difficulty, is how long it will take till the storm clears..

enya - only time

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