Tuesday, August 4, 2009


disease by ~rockomole on deviantART
What the hell is goin on this year? First swine flu..second michael jackson dying..third swine flu cases confirmed in my motherland(Namibia)..Fourth - a new HIV strain which was originally perceived to have been only found in apes has now tested positive in a woman from cameroon, who claims she had no contact with apes or bush meat.
Not to mention the recession splattered all over the world. It's already been the worst year i've ever come accross (though initially i thought 2004 was before this)
It's like a year of disease and bedlam, and it echoes a few similarities to a few sentences from the revelations chapter.
Oh1 well..it's august right..i cant wait for this year to be over, because i've not done a lot of Sh** this year..

Saliva - Disease
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