Friday, March 6, 2009

After u die..

Death by ~marak24 on deviantART
It's funny how people in general behave when a person dies. I'm not talking about mourners per-se. I mean we are all human after all, when someone close to you dies it's normal for people to grieve. I've lost a couple of people close to me during the early phase of the new millennium, and up to now i find it difficult to go on sometimes. So i know what I'm talking about.
What pissed me off during those difficult times was what i saw what continued to happen at wakes and funerals. A series of events that I've come to witness have led me to become skeptical about the whole tradition(funerals and wakes). In my own perspective i think it's losing what it stood for, and there are a few irritations that have transpired i just cant take anymore taking place at these Aforementioned rituals.
The greatest of all these irritations is the audacity of your enemies, and fake ass friends showing up at your funeral "to pay respects". What? pay respects? man you never had respect for me when i was alive and you think coming to my wake is respect? Either you are English linguistically challenged or stupid, because to me that's more of an insult than respect. What i do consider to be respect though, is for you to stay the F*** away from my wake, did you see me send you an invite? that's what i thought "hell no!!"
why come now anyway? what is it gonna change. it's not like I'm gonna feel anything, I'm dead..remember??
Then there's funerals. From caskets to buying wreaths and what have you. Matter of fact,I'm starting to think funerals are out of style, cliched, and expensive. Cremation is the new swagger. So i might as well go out in style, and no asshole is gonna comment about what suit i was wearing at the wake, or how my face looked like in that casket. Just barbecue my ass and none of any of these ingrates will have shit to gossip about, besides I'm claustrophobic i wouldn't last two days in a grave.

Rakim Airbrush by ~kevinweichel on deviantART

Rakim - After u Die

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