Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Show me the good life..

When you have a job, everything is put into perspective for you and you begin to understand shit. I'm talking like this because i used to bug peeps when i was unemployed, much younger and hedonistic.
So it's like dejavu when a kid starts crying about "i want that John Cena action figure" because i was in those shoes years ago. In my younger days all i ever wanted were toy soldiers, that's it. i stole a couple of times but i was caught by security, and i had to cry my ass out of that situation(which is an advantage when you are a kid). Today kids are as old as their parents (who are kids themselves) and they end up fighting for the same John cena action figure.
How do you explain to a kid that you can't afford to buy him that bike that he's always wanted(without mentioning bills) after he gives you a report card with straight A's. And you are knee deep in debt, barely getting you feet wet with life. I certainly hope i wont be such a parent when i get the call that she's in labor.

Blu & Exile - Show me the good life

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