Friday, March 27, 2009

The Music sounds better with you..

Somjit dancing by *scottchurch on deviantART
Strange when you tune into your favorite radio station, and there's this song they keep playing every time, which you don't like and it annoys the hell out of you. so you switch off the radio, get dressed up and go to the club and what do you hear? the same song playing again, only this time you are drunk, as you sit there by the bar you check out the dance floor for prey..You see a beauty dancing synchronously to the song and she's only calling you with her index and middle finger. of course you gonna go and show her some moves even though you are not a dude who dances much, before you know it, and after your lady friend sleeps'll be tap dancing to that same song you hated so much as soon as it plays on your fave station..Real can listen to a song but you might not like it, but it starts sounding better when you are with someone else..

Stardust - Music sounds better with you

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