Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fast love..

Cheating happens all the time in society, and most of the cliched reasons are always that one partner has a midlife crisis and wants more exciting things to do with young boys, or simply because the partner is not up to par with the other partner sexually. Sometimes it's just solely that the one partner just got involved with the other person just for the money and doesn't necessarily love the person. There are a lot of reasons, but these are the most common. And people always seem to take the consequences for granted and someone always gets hurt.
I was watching that "cheaters" show the other day and it got me to thinking. America is such a land of opportunity indeed, for someone to go around and exposing deemed "cheaters" and actually getting away with it.
If that type of thing ever got picked up in Namibia on the local television networks, man i bet the host would be in a coma by now. People here have no time for patience and games. I mean this guy (Joe Greco) actually gets into the faces of these so called "cheaters" and ask questions over and over. And he gets away with it most of the time(excerpt for this time when he got stabbed), and what surprises me is the fact that he's not actually built or look like a person in a position to actually defend himself from these people he continues to interrogate.
If that was done here (its called home of the brave for Christ sake) people would get medieval on his ass, with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch type shit.

George Michael - Fast love

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