Thursday, March 26, 2009


I know..that time is nearing again, when we all have to pay bills and shout at each other over unpaid debts and what have you. People are not happy anymore during the end of the month..matter of fact It's the only time most guys with jobs start to look like they having girls please be patient with a dude come month-end, he's got a lot on his mind(and i'm not talking about Georgia..sorry Ray charles)
But on the real though..People keep worrying about this bullshit every time. If you know the shit's coming then you shouldn't worry because you are aware of what to expect, and worrying is not gonna help the situation. Keeping your cool when you face these kind of "shits" life throws at us allows us to make decisions that are rational. When you are pissed off, or worrying too much you might as well get locked up in a padded room because you are a danger to yourself and others. "if you are cool, then I'm cool and we cool"

Anthony Hamilton - Cool
i just post links, so if there are any babies born after you listen to this song, I wont be held!!

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