Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The saints are coming..

What if you woke up one morning and decide to rid the world, of criminals you think should be punished in your own justification. We all do sometimes. some of the horrific sh** happening in our society is just plain disturbing and it feels kinda bad not doing anything about it.And marching around town chanting anti-crime slogans doesnt really help that much. You always get the feeling that police are not always doing their best.
Namibia was such a beautiful country right around independece, but it is slowly becoming a haven for criminals. And it's despicable, the country is barely past puberty and already we got criminals that share calling-cards with the likes of Jason Voorhees.
If being a vigilante was to be legal in the coming years, i was gonna sign up to clean the country off these bastards. Just like the Mcmanus brothers did in that movie "Boondock Saints".

Apparently everybody's irish on Saint patrick's day. So I'm gonna drink green beer (windhoek lager) later today..

U2 & Green Day - The saints are coming
here are a couple of trailers from the movie:

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