Friday, March 13, 2009


Liquid Sun by =iNeedChemicalX on deviantART
I kind of get this feeling every now and then that life might just be some dream and everything happening aint real, that i might either be (in reality) in a comma and im just dreaming all this up. Given the number of abundant dejavu's every now and then, I'm slowly believing that I'm into some kind of matrix-type sh**. That's why the term live you life to the fullest and don't stress about useless issues applies. Because you never know, you might wake up one day to find that you are in reality a quadriplegic that's got pipes stuck up the ass and having a vocoder type voice machine stuck to your throat while your family wait for the right time to euthanize your ass to oblivion.
I'm just saying stay happy and keep the positive energy (your mojo) and appreciate the Sh** you got, because tomorrow's another day and you never know what could unfold. Always keep you mojo, never lose your sense of humor

Peeping Tom - Mojo

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