Friday, February 20, 2009

Letter from the government..

Tax Audit version 2 by ~SalamunicArt on deviantART
Tax do they come up with these names anyway? i don't get it, how am i evading to pay my taxes if it's literally being deducted every month from my salary. Then some suit is gonna tell me a year later that i owe the government money? what? man as far as i know the government owes me money, because the money i pay every month aint being put to good use. Then some random fool is gonna tell me i cant complain because i aint a registered voter? I'm like dude, as long as I'm paying my mother****in' taxes i can complain and talk sh*t because I'm the one sweating my ass for for that money, but i still see hospitals in unhygienic conditions, school hostels with leaking lavatories..what the hell is goin on man..the Namibian government should step its game up.

Brother Ali -- LP by ~mrh09 on deviantART
Brother Ali - Letter from the government

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