Thursday, February 19, 2009

Silver & Gold..

Now I personally don't believe that it's possible to live without alcohol. Hell i like to take a few shots once in a while. But as I've mentioned on several occasions on this blog, I'm not a big fan of looking like a fool, and on TV for that matter.
Take this latest scandal from the Japanese finance minister (Shoichi Nakagawa) for instance, dude was drunk out of his scull at the G7 summit in Rome last week. stuttering and dozing off, everubody could barely hear what he was saying. Now i have no idea why he didn't call in sick that day, as we all do during hangover times, I'm sure his doctor would've come up with something for him to present to his superiors as proof. Because contrary to what he might have heard about red-bull, It's overrated when you drink cocktails for hours without eating. Not only did the dude embarrass himself, he ended up embarrassing his country as well..

Now fellas, i aint judging or anything like that, but what i do know is that it's OK to be hungover/drunk at work, if nobody's able to notice and you do your job properly. I assume Nakagawa was under this false impression, otherwise i do not think any sane man could go on television and look like an idiot and then forced to resign because of that..

a Singapore sling cocktail
If you plan on having drinks two hours before a summit or any press conferences to get rid of that shyness of the cameras, then my advice to you is not to intoxicate yourself with Singapore slings(Brandy/Gin cocktail), what you should be drinking is beer (Windhoek Lager), and i guarantee you that you will know your figures right and might even crack a few jokes here and there..So please don't drink pink drinks, unless you are living la vida loca!!!
"what are you doing dave? livin la vida loca? ,in a weird place, then don't drink pink drinks,dave always keep it real! and remember i'm watching you" - Louis Gossett Jr

Now word on the street is that the Japanese nation are already favoring the opposition party's Ichiro Ozawa,as the next leader of the country. It's only natural that they would do such a thing, if the current leader can't keep his people in line how is he gonna run the country right?
full story here

T-pain - Silver & gold

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