Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Elvis aint dead..

Elvis by ~MissAchfoo on deviantART
Like the old saying goes...denial, it's not just a river in Egypt anymore. People tend to live in denial every time someone close to them dies, be it a celebrity, relative, or historical figure. Truth be told, you will dream about that person being alive once or twice a week until you finally accept that the person is gone and never coming back. Human nature at it's best,people go as far as coming up with conspiracy theories surrounding the death of a person (whose cause of death was literally knew of).People in general just come up with this crap because they are scared to face the reality of the world, and that is that we all have a common destiny, and that is DEATH!! be it that you are PAC, Elvis, Biggie, Mahatma Ghandi, or Little Richard. But damn it's just difficult to think of death in intricacy. That's usually when religion starts interfering with your thoughts on whether there's afterlife or your body simply becomes manure for the next inhabitants of the planet ten thousand years from now..

Scouting For Girls - elvis aint dead

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