Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Don't hate me cause i'm beautiful..

-Hate- by ~Maanesten on deviantART
Have you ever noticed, be it at the club or you just doin your thing, everybody feelin you. there's always these random dudes who want to provoke you for no reason. A bunch of haters everywhere.
If you are doing your thing and paying them no mind they automatically assume you are scared of them. And this is where i blame it on those stereotypes about people in the movies(the wealthy magnate is always the nerd guy who never played sports in high-school), and that assumption could get you killed..take these dudes in the video below for example, they tried to goof around with this dude, and they are the ones who looked like idiots in the end..word of advice, if you want to hate on anybody, just do yourself a favor, go to the bathroom and look yourself in the mirror and hate on that..did i mention that this video is hilarious?

"Alright tough guy, I'm gonna take your camera, as my birthday present"

Keith Murray - Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful

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