Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sexual Seduction...

"Sexual harassment is a problem. This lady tried to have me fired for giving her 'inappropriate massages' in the workplace. I said, 'Good luck with that, lady! I don't even work here.'" - Anthony Jeselnik
Being horny is such a funny thing, and one thing I've realized is that virgins don't actually get horny, but once they get some of that hot, sizzling, scorching, torching, blazing blazee! blazee! they'll be horny every time you switch on the discovery channel (i know, sick right?)
But for dudes in general, man we need it bad (the sex, it comes with the territory)..if a dude is willing to have a sexual encounter with his assistant, risking to lose it all in a divorce from his wife is not convincing, i don't know what is(and this has become somewhat a cliche' at every other company everywhere).
Doing it in the office is every dude's fantasy(aside from doing her in the kitchen of course),It's in our heads, and that whole forbidden-fruit thing to it is just something a sane man can have on the mind most of the time,but that's as far as it goes..(if you are civilized), because it's a dangerous game, and we've all seen the damage over and over, be it in movies, books, or tabloids that sh*t is deadly man..You start to think of the consequences if you make sexual advances to a co-worker(Disciplinary hearing,losing your job, and worst of all looking like a fool). personally i don't have a problem with the former two, but the latter (looking like a fool) is something i can not life with.
But you still have your high number of idiots who still bed their assistants and go so far as to use "I'm working late" sh*t to their significant others. Next thing you know he/she's extorting the sh*t of you, talking about "I'm gonna file sexual harassment against you" if you don't agree to the demands.
When you look at it in reality, people will always want things they cant have, and as soon as they got it..Boom! another mission-impossible "want" pops up. What i'm talking about is that if you dig that chick at the office, then damn man to hell with it, just keep in mind that the other chick from the club the other night was way more hotter than that and you don't wanna see yourself stoop that low and bam!!! you'll be whistling dixie next time she bends down deliberately to pick up a pencil in the hopes of you having a slight interest in her Derrière...

Snoop dogg - Sexual Seduction

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