Tuesday, February 10, 2009

When the money goes..

Money by ~humon on deviantART
When the money goes, the Grey skies replace the sunny days."money cant buy me love" my ass, as soon as your bank balance goes negative or it's in brackets, you are done..first your friend list goes down, your girl leaves you, then you become a hermit, hibernating like you some kind of amphibian or something. It's funny how people behave once they hear that you are broke. No more phone calls, just you and the cobwebs in your pockets. That's why I'm starting to understand stingy people. They are most probably people who have been in that situation and they obviously don't wanna go through that again, who would? after living on sardines for months and earning the nickname "pilchard"?
There are stingy-good people and then there are Stingy-irritating assholes. The difference between the two is that the former is more of a person who hangs out with you and you split the bill because you both have jobs or he knows you have a job that's why he only bought himself that fruity drink, while the latter tends to stay away from the buying of any kinds of drinks for himself or others, tends to like female company, but as soon as a chick orders a drinks he's got difficulty pronouncing, he's the first through the exit as soon as the girl goes to the bathroom. what the hell..

Jay Z- When the money goes

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