Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brenda's got a baby..

Wow!! kudos to these kids for being strong and manning up to the responsibilities that all parents take. But since the newspaper that reported this is a tabloid, i somehow don't entirely believe this to be true. The boy looks five years old for Christ's sake!
Raising a kid aint easy. It's like that line in the spiderman movie "with great power comes great responsibility" except here its not the power,but testosterone that comes with great responsibility.
If this story is true though, then damn it's quiet interesting, because when i was thirteen you could have sex all the time and nobody got pregnant, and smart-ass is gonna tell me that all those girls had menopause. Either the world is changing, or "damn what are they feeding these kids today?" It's like hormones are all over the place. what is goin on?
well..I guess my tip to all parents is that they should watch their kids. That means don't ever let your kid do homework with her friend in her room. let them do it in the living room instead. Because believe me, boys tend to get creative in confined spaces,young or old, i swear.Imagine if Willem Defoe gets stuck in an elevator with Rosalyn Sanchez for some time, what do you think will happen? i bet you a $100 that she'll be screaming labor pains by bullshit!!
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