Friday, February 6, 2009

Lips of an angel

Lips by ~RyanLovelacePhoto on deviantART
People always find themselves obsessing about their exes all the time, even if they both agreed that breaking up would be best for everybody. You might currently be in a good relationship with a Halle-berry-type-of-girl, but if that Serena-Williams-type ex of yours just had this "thing" about her that still distinguishes her from your current main squeeze, You'll find yourself calling her or answering her calls in flirtatious ways every now and then. She'll be calling you in the middle of the night, or at odd hours in the night. When you do get the time to go over to her place to find out what the fuss is about,you find out that she'd been crying wolf all along, because apparently she'd found out that your girl was not in town. And believe you me, no straight dude is gonna tell me that they wouldn't hit two in the morning?, the girl got nothing on but a see-through negligee?..she got incense and everythin' burnin in that mutha?..get the F**k outta here!
On the real though, come morning a dude aint gonna do nothing but scratch the whole thing off and blame it on the alcohol, even though dude been sober for months..oh the humanity!!

Hinder - Lips of an angel

Jamie Foxx ft. T-pain - Blame it

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